SkyTab POS interface and Toast POS interface side by side.

A Tale of Two Point of Sale Systems: Comparing SkyTab and Toast

It’s essential that you compare brands when you’re shopping. When buying a new car, you compare features, mileage, and price – you don’t just hop in and drive away. The same is true when shopping for a restaurant point-of-sale system for your business. You want to be sure that all of the POS features your business needs are included at a price you can afford.

You may have already heard of two of the most popular POS options on the market: Toast POS and SkyTab POS by Shift4 Payments. We’re going to take a look at both of these systems and see how they compare.

Toast POS

Toast POS is an Android-based restaurant POS system designed for the needs of the food service industry.


Toast POS offers different pricing levels to restaurant operators based on the number of POS hardware terminals required and the number of features needed. For example, a restaurant can get up to two terminals and basic Toast POS software services for free, as Toast takes a small fee from each credit card transaction through its payment processing system. Potential customers can choose between terminals or handheld units for tableside ordering.

Toast has different monthly subscription levels ranging from $59 to $165 with a la carte pricing and customizable options.

Additional Services

Toast also has several additional capabilities that restaurateurs can utilize to expand the Toast POS system for both the front-of-house and back office, as well as guest experience.

Front-of-house additions include services such as:

    • Online ordering
    • Toast delivery services
    • Integration with third-party delivery services

Back office restaurant management features include:

    • Scheduling
    • Payroll and team management
    • Inventory management

SkyTab POS

Skytab is the new POS system from Shift4, a leader in commerce solutions for over 25 years. Now, Shift4 is bringing its expertise in cloud-based software solutions to restaurants everywhere with a user-friendly, all-in-one POS system for all restaurants of all sizes — from small businesses to nationwide chains.


Skytab has a low monthly fee of just $29.99! Compare this to a system like Toast, which has quote-based pricing for many of its extra features. SkyTab also features full-service, real-time customer support to keep restaurants running smoothly.

The Features of SkyTab

SkyTab is more than just a simple POS system; it’s a command center where every facet of a restaurant can be monitored and managed.

SkyTab handles all of the ordering, from in-house table service and curbside to online with contactless and mobile ordering — and that’s just the beginning.

Labor Management

SkyTab has a full suite of tools for managing the restaurant crew. Restaurant owners can make schedules, track hours, and evaluate sales performance.

Powerful Analytics

No more guesswork when it comes to onsite operations! Inventory management, menu management, and sales tracking data are all available to owners and managers at lightspeed!

Backed by Shift4

When you have SkyTab, you can process payments using the power of a pioneer in payment processing technology.

Customer Loyalty and Marketing

SkyTab lets you reward your guests for dining at your establishment! You can set up a point-based customer loyalty program, along with powerful email marketing tools to keep them coming back! Skytab also has gift card and e-gift card capabilities.

Hardware Options

SkyTab also has several hardware options — all heavy-duty and built for the bumps and bruises that come from the restaurant industry. Equip your restaurant with mobile POS systems for tableside service, touchscreen terminals, and self-serve kiosks.

Local On-Site Support

Unlike Toast, SkyTab has local on-site support through the team at Pineapple POS. This means you don’t have to sit on the phone for hours waiting to get your system back up and running! When you call SkyTab’s local support, our techs will come to your location, diagnose your system and get you back on-line.

Pineapple POS Upserves Your Restaurant

Pineapple POS is familiar with all the business needs that a modern POS system provides, with functionality such as sales reporting, inventory management, loyalty programs, and employee management. We can find the right system for you, whether you have a quick service restaurant, coffee shop, or a takeout-only eatery.

Bottom line: Pineapple POS is the top pick for local point-of-sale consultation, service, and support. Our services are available for industries such as food and beverage, cafes, hotels/hospitality, eCommerce, retail and physical stores, sports, and entertainment. Jarret Smotrila and the team at Pineapple POS will find the right POS solution for your business! Get in touch with Pineapple POS today!